Is this possible in CSS?

is it possible to make a table out of divs and make a row hover in css?

id have more columns and do most my stuff in css like width etc and have more classes but youll get the idea with this... Im considering framing the table like this:

<div class=row width=100%><div class="col1 row1" width=50%></div><div class="col2 row1" width=50%></div></div>
<div class=row width=100%><div class="col1 row2" width=50%></div><div class="col2 row2" width=50%></div></div>

is it possible if I had in a style sheet an onhover for say row1 to make ALL of row 1 change colors instead of just the cell im over? so the entire row gets colored different I mean