Is this possible with Marketpress & Membership

Setting up an sadult online store but I want a specific config for the shop and don;t want to go too far down this road if it can’t be done effectively. This is a single site/shop and will not be using buddypress/mu and I want a multi level access system in the shop.


Level 1 should so certain “soft” products.

Level 2 – more harecore

Level 3 – extreme

I want level 1 to be public.

Level 2 requires verification of 18yrs +

level 3 requires – level 2 plus registration just to browse

All level 1 products should be available in level 2 and and level 1 and 2 in level 3 (whole shop)

Haven’t used membership before but it seems like it might be the answer.

Anyone able to offer any guidance.