Is this the right location for the .htaccess file?

I'm install a few WpMu install on my domain, under different
subdomains... ie: and another on

When updating the .htaccess file during the initial install, do
I place on in the root directory for each subdomain, or install
just one at the www root?


  • drmike
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    And I lose another post to the forum error. *sigh*

    You need to put the .htaccess file within the root of your wpmu install. Check with your host though as while most hosts allow for multiple .htaccess files within an install, some don;t and require it to be in the web root. If you have a host that requires it in the web root, you can try it but pretty sure it'll cause conflicts.

    Have to admit though that I wouldn;t be doing this. We've had enough users get their installs booted for high resource usage for just a single install. Trying to run multiple mu installs within a single hosting account, besides the conflicts it;s going to cause, will probably get you booted from any decent host.

  • bamf
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    Thank you for the reply. I got it working by putting it in the main root of
    the folder. Since I've got MU on a subdomain, the main root was the
    folder within the public_html... by appearance on an FTP client, not
    in the main root, but from a subdomain spec, it was.

    BTW... I've got 2 MU installs on two different subdomains on the the
    same primary domain, thus requiring two seperate .htaccess files in
    each one of the roots.

    I did think for a fraction of time that a single .htaccess file in the main
    public_html root would solve for any any all installs on any and any
    subdomain... but again to clarify for future readers of this post that it
    each install of MU requires it's own .htaccess when installed on a
    single subdomain.

    Additionally I'm hosted with one of the best, LiquidWeb Storm. I've
    got a cloud setup with 2GB of RAM and lots more resources to scale,
    so I'm not worried about being booted...

    Actually they are pretty knowledgable over there and walked me through
    "a host" of issues.

    Highly recommend.

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