Is Wordpress the Right Tool for an Online Wiki?

Apologies in advance for the long post, but I'm looking for some suggestions/advice/also potentially a consultant so I thought I'd start here.

I offer online real estate classes at: (Currently using Moodle for my LMS) I want to transition to most of the basic information (Think Real Estate Encyclopedia/Wiki that doesn't necessarily look like a Wiki) being available to anyone. Keeping everything in one spot for us to continually update is important, but I don't want to create it in Moodle in case I move to a different LMS in a year or two.

Alfresco/SharePoint equivalent is really over-killI for a WCMS for my specific purposes and I was going to use Wiki software (Media Wiki/MindTouch), but the more I think about it, since the information is mainly going to be open and WP is easy for anyone to create content, I believe I can use WP with the ability to create menus and new theme frameworks which will give me more presentation options. (I don't like the way Wiki's look and our content is heavily audio/video based as opposed to text based anyway) I use WP for our basic company sites now, but have not really used BuddyPress before so I'm not even sure how that might fit in.

Hopefully I haven't been too confusing in my description, but I'd like input on using Wordpress/sub-domains/sud-directory installations for the purpose I describe and any potential pitfalls of trying to go this route. This will be a continuously improving project which I don't want to redo from scratch in a couple of years so even comments on how this might factor into where WP development seems to be headed would be great. If anyone has created something similar please let me know. I didn't post a consulting job yet in the Professionals forum because I wanted to get some general feedback on whether it makes sense to use WP before doing so.


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    Hi Todd and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Reading the title of your post, the first thing that came to my mind was MediaWiki, but as you may not want a wiki that looks like a typical wiki, my vote is for WordPress as the best choice. I think it's just got the most intuitive interface to work with, especially as opposed to many of the wiki CMS's I've seen.

    That said, the Wiki plugin provided here has much the same look and feel as a typical wiki CMS, but of course, the styling can always be changed using CSS, perhaps even recycling a lot of your theme's CSS.

    From my own perspective, I see a whole lot of advancements being made in WordPress regarding custom post types, which is important in regard to wikis because WordPress isn't natively built to do wikis.

    With custom post types, it's very much viable and that aforementioned Wiki plugin does use its own custom post type, so you should be relatively safe from things changing drastically in the future so that you'd have to redo it all.

    Plus, WordPress can export all of that as an XML file for use in other software if that's ever needed. So I would think that using that method to deliver the wiki is rather safe.

    That's my two cents on it. I'm hoping others around here may have a few words to add as well. :slight_smile:

    Oh, I should note, if you're looking for a developer/consultant on all this, you'll find the job boards very handy for that! There's a contractor/developer listing through there as well. :slight_smile:


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