center alignment isn't working — and other questions

First off, how do I get the map centered on the page? I have “center” selected as the alignment, but it isn’t working.

Second, which ID or class do I need to change in order to get the map to show up with a border-radius of 15px? I think I’ve tried every one that I could find with Firebug and was able to get a border with rounded corners, but the map isn’t inside the border and the corners stick out like a sore thumb.

Third, which ID or class do I apply the box-shadow to? Again, I’ve tried a variety of them with no luck.

Finally, can you recommend the best way to get the shortcode to work in my theme without having to put it directly in the content-locator.php file using “… echo do_shortcode …”? I’ve tried using a custom field and “… echo $var …” with no luck.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

affected page: