is_user_logged_in conflicts with pro-sites and other issues

Am trying to run the upgrade from Pro-Sites to the current version 3.5.4

After doing that...I got fatal error on all blogs in my network. Reviewing logs it shows:

is_user_logged_in is one of the culprits.

Reviewing your forums somebody suggested removing the wp user avatar plugin :

and things would work fine...they do...but that is a really terrible pro-sites in this version seems to be unnecessarily vulnerable to conflict with this latest version since the previous version i had upgraded from.

My guess is a new function in pro-sites was created and the use of 'init' is not being properly used for this function. Obviously this is a very dangerous and active bug in pro-sites and needs to be addressed very quickly.

In addition, hopefully my previous bug fixes can be integrated into your plugin that I had posted previously and the hot fix solution for clients not being able to re-activate a failed billing account need to be addressed asap as well...

So...really hate to presure but...that's the state of this live billing plugin.....all hands on deck update and testing needed asap....

Can we get idea of timeline for these outstanding bugs?