isotope.js filters and Responsive Lightbox slideshow

Hi, I have a theme using isotope js to create filters for my photo gallery. When I click on one of the categories to filter from ALL to “fruit” then isotope nicely displays just the items with category “fruit”. However, when I click on a fruit image I see the lightbox for that fruit (so far, so good) and when I click the Next arrow on the lightbox slideshow I see that the slideshow cycles through ALL of the items, not just the fruits (not good).

When I filter the items with isotope, it adds the class isotope-hidden to the div that contains the image, link, img-title, etc. But the Responsive Lightbox by dFactory always shows all images that have the rel=”lightbox” added to the a tag surrounding the image, even if the parent div has class=isotope-hidden.

Here are some answers I have found that seem similar to my question:

Could you please help me get this figured out?

Thank you!