Issue cloning website in multisite

I went to clone a site on a multi site to make a identical copy, however the process just continues to say creating your blog and never ends.

  • James Morris

    Hello Matthew,

    I hope you are well today. Your ticket has been flagged for SLS and I will be following up with your task.

    After doing some deeper investigation, I discovered that your site is not consistently setup to use either the www or non-www variation of your domain.

    This is very important on WordPress Multisite because does not equal at the software level. In DNS, a CNAME record can point www -> non-www so that they are viewed the same, but at the software level, these are 2 distinct entities.

    In your WordPress setup, you had the site installed with the non-www version of your domain, but the Primary Domain URL set as www. This confuses the software and causes a whole host of problems, like the one you are experiencing here.

    I've checked your wp-config.php, database and .htaccess file. All references to your domain are now set to the non-www version, but the www version is still being enforced. This indicates that you either have the www version forced somewhere else on your hosting account or through Cloudflare.

    This forcing of the www variation of your domain is causing a 301 redirect that is virtually transparent to the end-user, but when your software attempts to perform certain functions, it causes an Internal Server Error. This is why you were seeing the error in your JS Console.

    Can you please remove this forcing to the www URL and then re-test Cloner?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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