Issue creating new blog via wp-signup.php

Issue creating new blog via wp-signup.php


If I create a blog via the network admin everything works great and new site loads as expected.

If I go through the sign process the new site is missing the theme’s nivo slider on the home. When I login to the new sites admin (as the user not super-admin) and click any save/post function (i.e. make a new page, save a theme setting, etc) the site loads it nivo slider and everything works great.

This is a brand new WP install. Only plugin loaded is Pro Sites. Only modification I have made is to the wp-config.php file. I added the following to change the default theme.

define('WP_DEFAULT_THEME', 'theme-folder-name');
define( 'TEMPLATEPATH', '/path/to/themes/folder/name-of-parent-theme');

But since it works through the network admin I figured the above changes were not an issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.