Issue setting up Multi Domain

Hi guys,

I have trouble setting up the Multi-domain Plugin.

I’m running on a dedicated server (gentoo/webmin)

I got the following on my dns records (second domain) :

IN MX 10 mail.2nd-domain.tld.

IN A *.main-domain.tld.

www IN A

mail IN A

smtp IN A

I also tried different combination adding different A addresses like :

*.domain.tld. IN A *.main-domain.tld.

*.domain.tld. IN A main-domain.tld.

I’ve done properly the installation (plugin install, sunrise on wp-content folder, wp-config and setup the domains on the backend)

I pointed successfuly the IP address to the main domain

do I have to add anyhing on the apache server (for added domains) ?

When I create a site I get a “404 Not Found” page at


I use the Multi Site with sub domain

I don’t have much plugins installed : buddypress, New blog templates, CodeStyling localization, Warp buddypress.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

p.s: let me know if you need any access code in order to help.

p.s2: main domain is creersitegratuit-com, second domain is weeesite-com (hope to be able to remove them later from this post)