Issue Uploading Videos To Wordpress Multisite


I am writing about a more general issue that will eventually impact a WPMU plugin. I have built a multisite installation that I want to turn into a video on demand site with some combination of the protected content and membership plugins, but I am having trouble uploading videos.

I've attached a screenshot of what the error looks like. Initially I was getting an error which said that the video was too large and it wouldn't even start uploading, but then I changed my max upload size in my multisite admin dashboard and now it looks like it's uploading fine until it finishes and I get an error.

I would be happy to provide my login info and the video I want to upload, but I wasn't sure if this is something that would be going into a forum, and I would want that information to be private. Alternately, I could provide a login for someone who works for wpmu support if they give me their email.