Issue with Browser session not being cleared???

There are some issues on my site with the browser session is not cleared properly.


- appointments made by a first user (client A) who has logged out can be seen by a second user (client B) logging in with a different account on the same computer which becomes confusing.

The problem however does not appear when using the same user on a different computer. (Tested initially using Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 m on Windows 8)

The same session issue from before is visible on the checkout page:
Rather than seeing a single appointment for Client B, both the appointments from Client B and the previously logged out Client A are visible.

Another error is that Client B ends up receiving Client A’s bookings by email (even if Client A has been logged out already)

I have opened support access,

though i have no idea how to fix this issue. anything ideas?



  • Patrick

    Hi there @Tom

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I can confirm on my own test site that the cookies are indeed not cleared when the user logs out.

    I created an appointment with payment via MarketPress and then logged out before paying. The cart still clearly shows the appointment I just made, even though I am logged out (screenshot).

    The 2nd screenshot below shows the cookies are still active.

    I've notified the developer of Appointments+ of this issue so he can investigate and get a fix released as soon as possible.

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