Issue with client signing up for paid site with ProSites

Hi There,
I have a client who I have built 3 sites for on my network, I use prosites for my clients to sign up to a paid service.

I have just asked my client to sign up for their sites, the payment has gone through fine, the recurring payment with PayPal has been set up, however today (one day later) they recieved an expired email, and their site has now reverted back to having no subscription.

I can't ask them to sign up again as this makes me look unprofessional and technically there is nothing wrong with the paypal payment they have set up, however, there are differences between my pro and free packages that will affect these sites if they are not registering as pro sites.

I'm sure this is just a glitch in the system somewhere, so I'm not worries about it being a big problem as I have other clients signed up with no issues. My question is, can I make changes in the DB to link up my clients prosites account with their paypal payment so it shows they are pro customers.

Thanks for your help,