Issue with code for listing Memberships

There appears to be an unintended issue with the code for Membership which is in the manual.

I just discovered it as I was checking a blog post where I had included:
[subscriptionbutton subscription="1"] [subscriptiontitle subscription="1"]
[subscriptiondetails subscription="1"]
[subscriptionprice subscription="1"]

[subscriptionbutton subscription="2"] [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]
[subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
[subscriptionprice subscription="2"]

[subscriptionbutton subscription="4"] [subscriptiontitle subscription="4"]
[subscriptiondetails subscription="4"]
[subscriptionprice subscription="4"]

[subscriptionbutton subscription="5"] [subscriptiontitle subscription="5"]
[subscriptiondetails subscription="5"]
[subscriptionprice subscription="5"]

[subscriptionbutton subscription="6"] [subscriptiontitle subscription="6"]
[subscriptiondetails subscription="6"]
[subscriptionprice subscription="6"]

in the post.

What's the problem?

Well, that post is listing ALL of the subscriptions I identified above by their ID number. What it DOES NOT take account of is whether that subsription is ACTIVE or not.

In effect, if you use that code it will list whatever ID you use REGARDLESS of whether you have it inactive or hidden.

Something to watch.

I suggest including in the manual (and in advice to people) that another code to only list current / ACTIVE codes is included.