Issue with define ('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ); in wp-confi

Hey Ari,
(I am directly asking you because of your help with a previous related issue).

Remember the code you suggested I use:
(from this post:

to put in the wp-config.php file that simply links to the current blog that the user is on. I needed this because of the plugin I am using: Multi Networks.

This is still working fine when accessing the front end from the admin area via the toolbar. However, in each new sub site I create, when in the admin of sub site (and logged in as a super admin), when I attempt to access the network, one is accessed and created from the sub site.

For example:

Say if the network site is:
which the network area is at:

...and if I have a sub site:
If I attempt to access the network directly from within that sub site it takes me to this address:

Yet the network accessed from the sub site, it is the same as the main network- essentially an alias.

I am wondering could this issue be because of that line of code I added to the wp-config.php file that is causing this:


Do you have any solution for this.
I will open the support access to my site so can see what I am doing.
To replicate the issue, access the sub site: and navigate from there to the Network Admin.

Thanks for your help!