Issue with edit event link missing

See for the pdf with the issue shown via screenshots.
140207 Issue with edit event link missing

I just noticed that the middle two events in the event list are missing the link to "edit event" - see arrow in screenshot.

I thought it was because of an "I'm attending" but only one event had that. The other didn't and still didn't have the link.


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again Karen,

    You can edit your events by visiting the event itself and then clicking on the "Edit Event" link on your adminbar (see attached screenshot).
    The links in the events archive depend on the theme you're using and are not standard functionality.
    The recommended method is the one I mentioned above.

    I hope that helps!


  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    Thanks - but the question arose because IN THE LIST OF EVENTS - some events had the EDIT button and SOME DID NOT.

    If you check the screenshot - you'll see the two middle events did NOT have EDIT buttons on them - YET THE OTHERS DID.

    I am trying to alert WPMU to the INCONSISTENCY that is showing so it CAN BE FIXED.

    I know I can get to edit the events via other means.

    It is about alerting you to a PROGRAMMING/CODING issue.
    I am using the one theme...

    Why would it NOT appear on TWO events YET show on the REST of the events on THE ONE SITE???

    Surely that indicates that something in the CODING IS WRONG????

    (It does to me when there is NO OTHER DIFFERENCE between listed events.)


  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown


    May I just ask if the events in question are "recurring"
    There is a number of issues with recurring that they are apparently "working on" and some that are related to the way they "clone" a "hub" event and can't be changed

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior

    Hi be

    Yes they are both recurring events (ie same event / different dates).

    See screenshot at: (you can tell by the "Takes place on xxx and takes place on yyyy")

    I have another (related) issue (just posted at

    It is about a series of 4 workshops - you are supposed to book the whole series (day 1 am & pm, day 2 am&pm) - but it isn't clear when you pay for them if you are paying for one or the series of them.

    It looks - from our test - that if you book in it - you are actually booking in to ALL FOUR DATES (ie all in the series)..

    So - either you can list the same event on a number of different dates - and when you book to pay you only SELECT the DATE you want to ATTEND.


    I would like to know whichit is meant to be?

    Be - Are you using Events+ too?

    Is it just me that is having 1001 issues on things that are so basic that they should just work and not require all this to'ing and fro'ing to get it working???????

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi @Karen

    :slight_smile: didn't look at the screen shot

    Its my understanding the recurring cannot be placed in the edit cue because you are editing a "single occurrence" of the "hub or cloned" event which needs to be done from the admin side only..

    It would be so much more helpful if all these "minor" details were added so we meer mortals didn't have to spend endless hours discovering but there you go.

    It seems to me the major issue is the consistency, ie plugins are partly developed then taken over and the ongoing roll out of fixes get muddled in the mix..

    Run many event and directory sites have chosen to move one over and see how we go... Lots of Not so good and a few great...

    The thing that is sorely missed and very much misunderstood in this system by the process is the fact when it is a "BUG" that we have taken hours to pinpoint etc we still WAIT for a fix..
    When you have used on a LIVE site you do not want patches errors and inconsistencies..
    While we understand the complexities of a many and varied end user needs BUGS should not go in this category as they are not "wishlists" they are part of operating and cause very much time and frustration all round..
    Can drive me just a little bit batty when we are told they are working on NEW toys when in fact what I need and need now is the OLD toy to work as it should..
    Maybe that's just the Aussie in us -..

    RECURRING - the dev is working on a number of quirks (note we are at the 4 week point for some of them to be addressed and fixed) some cannot because of the way it functions..

    ie: it is actually cloning a "hub" event.. meaning you can have
    50 x Z events exactly the same - BUT whenever you correct or update it will UPDATE the entire CLONE meaning all 50..
    Not so good
    If you edit a "SINGLE OCCURRENCE" in that array its fine UNLESS you later edit something else in the array and it will OVERWRITE..
    Not so good..
    So we split - ie 20 in a row that will remain the same..
    1 x different
    Then the next 25 that remain the same
    1 x different

    Recurring events do not countdown at present and a few other irritating issues..
    There is NO way to import events..(all 3rdparty imports we have tested do a terrible job and there is no way to import RECURRING)
    Cannot copy an event so have to retype endless repeat data to change a date, time or other minor detail
    etc etc

    MULTI day bookings..
    I went with putting them up as "one event running over X days" otherwise they are treated as separate - ie: pay and attend each one individually

    So we have gone the very long winded approach.. will not be moving any other sites over to Events+ till the major issues we have here are sorted..

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    I had just finished a long note and decided to give you points.

    Unfortunately I didn't realise that would lose all the post I had written

    I don't have time to retype it all but basically I agree - it is about quality of product not quantity and they would do well to iron out some of the plugins so we could rave about them.

    The advisers are truly trying to help but my issue is why do we (who just want to get up and running) have to - in my case - spend months getting simple things working?

    Each plug-in has caused issues (Membership, Buddypress - just those two are a nightmare to get to work together, Events+ have all been horrendous. Just trialling Marketpress yesterday (testing payment which works - but the product is not delivered) caused more issues

    It hasn't been an experience I would rave about so far. I've never had blood pressure issues, but this experience is giving it to me.

    The only good thing is management has listened when emailed outside of this process.

    It is like a tailor having a list of orders, who puts a lovely suit in the window that everyone wants. But they want more so he ends up cutting out the material but has no time to sew them up, so he tacs a few together and starts selling them to the customers who come into the store. All nicely wrapped. When they get home and unwrapt them, they don't recognise it as a suit. All the bits are there, but falls apart as soon as you try it on.

    My advice: Slow down, Get it right so we can rave about it. We want to. We just can't. For what it's worth. (I've only run a business for 13 years. What would I know?) :slight_smile: End of rant.

    Enjoy the points. It got you over the 1000 - but as I found out 400 of those have to come from others so hopefully it gets you somewhere!


  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    That is very much appreciated.. all round..

    Yes, as this is AUSSIE based I live in hope, Me too only a little older, greyer, come from the hard copy world (still do both as we merged to online around 30+ years ago..)

    I do pre testing before a move.. with Events there was an upgrade that altered a fair few things on the live site.. (got a few more grey hairs but getting there.)
    Marketpress had a number of issues for us, most of them ironed out though..
    Maybe will see you in that area also..

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    I'd like to say I hope not...but I fear we will meet again there. I am trying to listen to the videos (not sure if I have seen them already) so I can self-diagnose.

    Just as well the economy has tanked (and in my field particularly) as otherwise there is no way I would have the time to do this...

    I really just want to get on with running my business not sort out this stuff. People keep suggesting I should pay someone to do this - I would die at how much "danger" money someone would want to do this process. :slight_smile:

    on and up...

    PS It sounds like we are the same vintage...

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    I really just want to get on with running my business not sort out this stuff. People keep suggesting I should pay someone to do this - I would die at how much "danger" money someone would want to do this process. :slight_smile:

    Yes the other new push to "offer" paid services here..

    Stand your ground, sometimes you have to ask more than once although frustrating and very time consuming - you get there in the end..

    The beauty of forums is the mix and the eventual help that is at hand, just depends on the luck of the draw really, who is on, who sees, who understands.
    Sometimes you just have to start a new thread (even though they get touchy about it) because the original simply does not close. (I have some over 4 WEEKS old waiting on fixes) have had appalling responses for lead DEVS but on the other hand much help..
    Once assigned to staff it pretty much stays with that person unless someone else is asked in or sees it and offers the solution, that's all well and good but "time" and "live" can add much blood pressure..

    Have had some staff give incorrect answers and it just takes so much longer all round. I am in a position to be online for many varied hours a day so can see lots of them but does make me a little batty..

    All round its worth it in the end, folls offering shortcuts and stepping in is value that you cant buy.. (even though we all are = ie we all paid to belong here..

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    Please correct me if I am wrong (I just posted on this) as I am hoping I am massively wrong) but..

    is there no way to manage the event attendees? (apart from the RSVPs on the site - you don't always want them to show - and that doesn't tell you who has paid etc)

    I cannot see any screen where it lists the course attendees - split into paid, not paid but I'm attending or the maybes.

    Am I blind? Surely they would not have omitted a way to manage and have an overview of course/event attendees?

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    no your not blind I'm afraid ..there is only RSVP
    this is another

    The plugin has developed from a "CALANDER" to an event plugin
    this is the reason it has some great features that other events do not but fails on a number of event issues..

    And also check ie: if more than one person books ie: I purchase 3x tickets what happens?

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior



  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    I suppose if I :slight_smile: that wont help..

    Yes well (you have made my day though)
    BUT I should point out here - there is a spot in the events (admin) you can see and export (but see if that's what you are looking for.)

    So dashboard >Events > Events then right hand side.. RSVPs (export)

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior

    Sorry, I just had to go and have a (private) meltdown.

    Thanks for the suggestion - but I want something quick and easy. If I have to add another 10 steps to get basic information: What is the point?

    I would be faster with a pen and paper. I used to do it all manually which is why I was looking to use software to take that burden off me. I seemed to have just succeeded in adding an ADDITIONAL 10 TON (yes TON not TONNE) load to my already massive workload. I am stymied,. I just cannot believe all of this effort has been for nothing. Nothing at all.


    ...and make sure that they had PAAAIIIIDDDD!

    So far everything to do with WPMU has all been like trying to swim through wet concrete.

    that is just the icing on the cake (or I just hit the reinforcing in the concrete to continue the analogy).

    It's enough to make me want to set up in competition.

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    I just looked at the Events/Events/RSVP..and if it is possible to add despair to frustration to incredulity, then I just did it.

    So...let me get this right.... I would have to export EACH EVENT and then somehow BRING IT ALL TOGETHER (XL?) to get an OVERVIEW of what is going on

    ...AND - while I am doing that - if I was lucky enough to actually have a live site where I had enough time to market it (instead of fixing problems with the software behind the site) - SAY someone / others booked in to an event (presuming paypal worked and let you know -which is isn't doing despite entering the email for it to alert me - but that is by the by)

    ....then that information I had JUST EXPORTED would be OUT OF DATE and I would need to EXPORT IT ALL AGAIN...just so it was current.

    Is that right?

    Ummm, no, thanks.....

    I am (just) hanging on to my sanity as it mental health is starting to be of great concern to me for some reason.

    At least I know I am not mad. The (logical) features I looked for don't actually exist so I am not going to end up "gaslighting" myself.

    Thank goodness for small mercies.

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Oh dear, Think of it all as investing in knowledge (even if its not that helpful)

    Yes my opinion is - its because it has morphed from being a calander. there are a number of "almost kind of" things added and it almost kindof works..

    The issue with folks like you and I that run an actual "Event" site (not a home type my friends are doing this) means it is the cause of major distress...and very very much time..

    Maybe @Vladislav
    Would be kind enough to respond with suggestions ...

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Wow, this has become a pretty long post... took me some time to read all the comments you 2 have written.

    However I have to say I got confused by them.
    What is the issue you're having exactly?
    Is it getting to see the attendees of an event? Or am I missing something?
    I have also notified the plugin developer on this, asking for his feedback.


  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    1. We were letting off steam - before I popped a gasket. I found someone who understands how frustrating it is to use WPMU products - the marketing is WAY ahead of what actually happens when you use the stuff (ie 'you'll be up and running in 30 minutes" vs 3-4 weeks to get a plugin functional and working anywhere near what's promised promotionally.

    (Basically, as Be noted above, we both run businesses. Events+ isn't a 'nice to have" playtoy for us - it is an integral part of the businesses we run so (a) expectations that things you pay for will just work are high and when they don't it causes massive frustration (b) we expect it to be plug-and-play not plug-and-then-spend-weeks-sorting-an-issue-out-about-why-it-won't-work-easily-as-advertised.

    The issue (in a nutshell) is this:

    Am I blind? Surely they would not have omitted a way to manage and have an overview of course/event attendees?



    ...and make sure that they had PAAAIIIIDDDD! an indication of just how I felt when I found out that I was not going to be able to go to the dashboard/Events /and see an Attendees tab (ie a list of everyone attending each event in the ONE place but would have to (laboriously) open EACH and EVERY stupid event to see who was coming, had/hadn't paid - I was just gobsmacked about that lack of usability after all the work I put in to get events listed and looking decent (which has taken weeks to iron out all the little bugs).

    2. The issue noted above was raised as a thread/post soon as I realised what a big management issue it was going to be - further information at:

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    The plugin will give you a quick attendance overview for each event in the default admin post list. Opening up a particular event for editing will give you a bit more info and some options for managing it, and the very next release will also come with customizable reminders for your non-paid users from this area. From what I gathered from the other thread, you need some sort of integrated management system, and a lot of the info mentioned there (minus the statistics and sorting on RSVP counts) is already represented in the plugin, although perhaps not in the format you're comfortable with. Of course, with all this I am not saying that you're not right, but rather that we'd love to hear more on how to improve on what's there. Perhaps this may sound trivial, but having a structured feature request really helps in this goal and can expedite things for all of us.

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Can't help it -
    Thanks so much again Vlad but that is also part of the ongoing muddle.
    Seems to me there is absolutely no structured anything.
    Hoping that 27K folks will be explicit in how what etc makes for much frustration on everyones part and takes up so much time that could be much better utilised for plugin dev and updates..
    Other folks simply close off requests saying post on the jobs board instead of even pointing you/the dev to suggestions and use cases..

    No I don't want an answer just saying ...

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior

    I did a very long post the other day to this and it just got wiped with my computer issues of last week - so I won't repeat it.

    Just to say though that if there was a structured process we could be part of, that would be great. As far as I know there isn't one that involves users. We just raise issues - and the expectation is that someone behind the scenes at WPMU looks them over (apart from the advisers/staff and developers) with an eye to updating the manual and (I would think) removing the issue - or at least annotating issues that they have been incorporated so we know.

    At present, if you search you often get 2-3 year old posts - that still appear relevant as you are getting the SAME issue with the SAME plug-in.

    I was told that I should not take any notice of those as the software would have had SO MANY UPGRADES that they were not relevant any more. When I suggested that they be removed - to prevent confusion for newbies, I was told that was not possible as people STILL REFERRED to them.

    Eh? Why? Why would you need to refer to OLD posts that were NO LONGER relevant. This is what we users are on the receiving end all the time. Conflicting advice...and info that doesn't make sense.

    Unfortunately many of us run business and need products that perform and don't have endless months to chase down answers or to engage in people leave (and WPMU loses users and income).

    From what I gathered from the other thread, you need some sort of integrated management system, and a lot of the info mentioned there (minus the statistics and sorting on RSVP counts) is already represented in the plugin, although perhaps not in the format you're comfortable with.

    It's not about what "I am comfortable with" - it is about "what I need to quickly and easily manage information about a raft of courses we are running that tells me which courses are filling, which are not, how many are maybe's but paid vs maybe but NOT paid." It is time-consuming to open each blasted event to see how many and who they are.

    You need an overview that you can then drill down into and be able to send tailored communications to the different groups against each event. You want to be able to do it from the one screen (ie central management) not go to area (a) to see who has RSVPd then to area (b) to see if they have paid to area (c) to adjust the Standard email for communications.

    The idea (surely) is to use the software to MANAGE the process. I do NOT want to be a DATA ENTRY person. I want to run my business not get stuck in ENTRY or EXTRACTION of data to tell me how my courses/events are travelling and where I need to put my marketing efforts.

    I sometimes wonder is WPMU Dev is clear on EXACTLY who their target audience is: is it geeks, people who run community centres, SMEs or large business (Edublogs)?.

    I have yet to figure it out as I seem to run across issue after issue that I think "SURELY I cannot be the first person to raise these BASIC issues about how this software should work or be explained."

    1. Membership (So unclear people don't bother to keep trying to use it)
    2. Membership & BuddyPress interface - I got mine working but no one can tell me why it works the way I set it up. I got sick of trying to make them work together and getting contradictory advice and just did what I could to make it clear for MY USERS of the site to use.
    3. Events - honestly, it hasn't occurred to anyone to (a) have a calendar representation AS WELL AS A LIST? (b) basic layout doesn't seem to have been thought out, (c) colours are fighting with the WPMU theme (BP Fun) I use and so much more (lines to separate the event details, icons that disappear, inconsistent look (eg icons should be in standard places. If a free event is listed or a webinar, the information and icons MOVE - what's with that????? It is just SO unprofessional I feel like crying every time I have to battle with yet ANOTHER minor issue like this just to get the site looking decent and not like a dog's breakfast.

    4. Paypal - the details you enter are different with each plugin.

    There is also the issue of how much IT expertise you expect users to have.
    We seem to be expected to know how to code and do CSS - but most of us sign up to just plug-and-play with the plugins.

    I am sure you get the drift....Let us know the "structured" process to follow. We want it all to work,,,but there is NO avenue for us to comment / input apart from the posts. If there is, let us know.

    End of rant.

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