Issue with Membership 2 Pro add-on Pro-Rating

I’m testing with the Stripe Subscriptions Gateway on the “Membership 2” plugin. I have the ‘ProRate’ add-on enabled. When an existing test user moves from one membership to another, it upgrades like it should, which is good. But it still charges the regular price when upgrading, and does not pro-rate by taking out the old price of previous membership. The same is true if I enable “Multiple-Memberships” add-on, though I prefer not to have it on.

Maybe I am missing a setting here. Because I can click to upgrade other memberships and they mention that they are pro-rating!!! It seems to be only certain ones (Prepared Special) pro-rate is not showing… Is there a setting I’m missing?

On a side note: at the “GetCyberSecured” plan. There lies an error with the plugin. The test user is currently on a yearly plan, but when switching to that monthly plan, it ‘says’ that it will reduce the monthly rate by $17 every month! It’s supposed to reduce the 1st monthly payment by $17!