Issue with migrating a website and setting up a dedicated VPS server with VPS.NET

Hello WPMU Dev Support,

Will describe this issue but more hoping for a suggestion to try out than the definitive answer.

A client has purchased a dedicated cloud server from VPS.NET and has requested I move all his websites over from CoolHandle where there have been many performance issues.

It is my first time using cPanel WHM, have only ever used cPanel, have worked my way through setting up a VPS, domain name, configuring PHP, Apache, binding domains to an IP Address etc. Have even installed Varnish Cache and have the freedom to switch on Fast CGI.

After going through all of this steep learning curve I am left with the following odd and frustating issue:

1) I transfered across the website (on CoolHandle) to (VPS.NET) using backupbuddy, to my mamzement all went smoothly.

2) When I am logged in as the admin user loks and behaves as it should do, with a performance increase that is 20 times faster than on CoolHandle

3) When I am not logged in and look at then the header image does not show and on the contact page there are PHP function errors

Am guessing that there has got to be a setting via the cPanel WHM for PHP but I simply vannot work out what this is, have gone through everything that comes up in Google and still cannot track a solution down for this issue.

VPS.NET charge $10 for support to resolve this, I have actually paid and awaiting for them to get back but they seem genuinely confused about this too. Does anyone have an idea or provide a link to a page which might have the solution to this truly frustrating problem?

Would be most grateful for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

  • Philip John

    Hiya Yusef,

    First off the PHP errors on the contact page are easy to sort - GD support hasn't been installed so you need to install that. See

    The header image is the same issue. The image isn't included because it can't be resized due to GD not being installed. See the code:

    <div class="builder-module-block builder-module-element clearfix">
    <!-- Resize Error: The GD image library is not installed. --><img src="" alt="Layout Image">

    Lastly, I use myself and I've had them migrate whole web sites for me. You just open a support ticket with them and given all the credentials necessary they will log in to your previous host and simply copy everything over for you. Well worth it, IMO, so you could just wipe everything and get them to do it as a fallback.


  • mroracle

    Hi Phil,

    In the end I paid VPS.NET to do the work as you suggested and yes it was worth the money.

    Worth noting that the issue was not as straight forward as it appeared, I did enable GD and all PHP modules for captcha.

    If you login as admin and view the website all was as it should be.

    If you visit the website then you get the missing GD PHP functions.

    There was a privilege/security setting that allowed the GD functions to be read when logged in but did not allow it if you were just visiting.

    What is great to hear is that you use VPS.NET too, just started using them after loads of recommendations and going through a learning curve to set things up while at the same time deliver to the client.

    Again, many thanks for the reply.

  • mroracle

    Hello antKat,

    Do know what you mean.

    It is now obvious that with VPS.NET they assume you have a basic knowledge of Linux admin and know how to use the cPanel WHM. A fair comparison is that VPS.NET is similar to WPMU Dev assuming you know Wordpress.

    The approach I am taking with VPS.NET is to have them build a VPS foor me via 2 support tickets, I can then refer to what they have done to build further ones and if there is an issue with anything then I raise a free support ticket referring them to the VPS I paid for them to set up is not as I need it to be.

    The above approach has kept my cost down with VPS.NET.

    What I will say, I went to them to get speed and they certainly have not disappointed, some of the stats I am getting back are exceptional.

    Thanks for your feedback, hope my reply helps you out with them.

    Kind regards,

  • Jonathan

    Another user here :wink:
    I started moving all my sites over a year or so ago. And it has been great, it's been a steep learning curve (still learning) but they are at least reliable, and if there are issues they own up to them. Nice bunch over there :wink:


    That's strange, they are usually on top of tickets - and respond in a timely manner. Fair enough, I've had a few tickets go unanswered for a day - but they were having issues with one of the data centers going down and the support staff were overloaded. When they did get to my tickets, they went out of their way to get the issue resolved.

    Anyways, hang in there, I'm sure there is a reason behind the unresponsiveness.


    Yip, they do require you to have some working knowledge of Linux servers etc - similar to WPMU Dev assuming you know Wordpress

    Nice analogy , and I agree fully :wink:
    Oh, they do have a managed solution if I recall (something like $100 a month or around about there)
    Woothemes make use of that option, well that is what I've heard.


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