Issue with missing resource (maybe to do with New Child Theme?)


Right so earlier today i created a child theme for a site that had alot of CSS Modifications on it. Now im trying to speed up the page loading time related post –

After Following the comments from Adam, and installing the plugins / changing settings etc. (hopefully setup correctly) and re-running some tests there are several resources that are missing,

1. my_style.css?ver=4.2.3

2. codemirror.css?ver=1.0

3. new?sccss=1&ver=4.2.3

4. my_style.css?1437833598

5. admin-ajax.php?action=wordfence_logHuman&hid=CEA2C5CC96A8541EEA09D0B04E15073A&r=0.7088160656858236

each of which are taking few seconds minimum to load. and by the looks of it not finding the resources.

here are expanded screenshots of each issue

Please feel free to run another pingdom test (please ensure that the test doesn’t go public by unchecking the tickbox >> under “Advanced” >> “Save test and make it public” <– Untick this! for more detailed test results. domain is:

I tested from the Amsterdam, Netherlands options as main site users in UK.

from what i can see in the path of the missing files it looks like they are trying to access My-style.css files in the child theme under a directory that doesn’t exist (perhaps as it did already exist in the main theme directory before) but as there is already a My-style.css file in the child theme i wasn’t sure if i should copy that one into the same path directory or move the one that its looking for from the original theme? or something else ??

Please can you take a closer look for me please?

I have extended support access to Support access is ACTIVE until July 28, 2015 9:10 pm

(please dont post any Images / Brand / Domain links etc here please use for links and to upload temporary images with links ) – this is due to google finding away to link brand name to wpmudev posts which is really annoying and causing multiple issues)