Issue with pages acting as if visitor level other than logged in level

I am having a very strange issue. On my site, one account (mine) does not load all pages properly. Some pages will load and show all links and content that I should see, while other pages load as if I were a visitor without having logged in. As far as I can tell, this only happens with my account. Another interesting thing is that I cannot add content that visitors can see. If I add a new page for instance, I would add this page to my menu so all users can see it. Visitors are unable to see this new page or menu item. However, once a user logs in, the menu and page become visible. I have only one rule for all of my membership levels and that is to hide one menu item from visitors. Thats it. All other levels should be able to see the entire site. We use the shortcodes for displaying specific info on pages for the different levels, but all pages and menus are visible for all logged in users. I have run the table check in membership and everything comes out OK. How can I determine what is happening here?