Issue with Permalinks Constantly Need Resetting (ie. the 404 error)

Hello - on our website we have a strange issue occuring, possibly plugin related. Every few days (usually about 6-7 days), the Blog Posts and the Product Categories of our WooCommerce store, suddenly start to give 404 Cannot Be Found errors. The solution, so far, has been to just hit Save Changes under Permalinks Settings - which fixes the error perfectly. However, the problem is is that this requires our company to check daily to see if the 404 error is occurring. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to do this for our client or we simply do not have the time to constantly check it every day. As of yet, we have been unable to correct the underlying problem! Furthermore, if it is a plugin related issue, the week time lag delay between when we hit Save Changes under Permalinks and when the error repeats itself - makes for troubleshooting which plugin is causing the error extremely difficult at best. We have tried numerous different methods to try and fix the underlying problem, but as of yet, the error continues to repeat itself. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.