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HI, I just had a techincal problem on my blog. Hosting fixed it and said somehow the wp-content and wp-include folders were diabled.

I have not had this issue before but I wanted to make sure this was not something Defender (or any of your other plugins I am using) would do.

Thank you,
Sheri Ann

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    Hello Sheri Ann Richerson

    Sorry, I am a bit confused. I thought, in your question, there was a typo.

    What do you mean by "diabling"? Do you mean "disabling" or "deleting"? If so, I am not sure if those folders are deleted by any plugin or not. I think it was deleted accidentally.

    And when you say to stop it from disabling, do you mean it happened again?

  • Sheri Ann Richerson
    • Flash Drive

    From the live chat -

    Seems like there is a conflict somewhere in the system, when I checked the console error, could notice the following error:

    'jQuery is not defined’

    The latest WordPress install, has some new performance optimisation features that concatenate all JavaScript resources into a single request. So, that could be causing a conflict with a plugin.

    I have added the following code inside your sites wp-config.php file:

    define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

    This has loaded your WP dashboard without any issue.

    However, just to be sure whether any plugin is causing the issue, you'll have to disable all the plugins in your dashboard, and then temporarily remove the above code added inside the wp-config.php to see the issue still exists.

    If the issue is doesn't exists, the you'll have to enable the plugins one-by-one, and see which one breaks the dashboard again. If it's a live site, would recommend you to perform this in a staging site. :slight_smile:

    Other than that, the above code inside wp-config.php should be good.

    Problem resolved and I am SO happy!

    Thank you so much!

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