Issue with sharing to facebook in PC Chrome only


If you navigate to in chrome on a pc and try to share a post to Facebook (using the plugin installed) the window will not pop up to allow the share. It works fine on all other browsers (Mac also). Sharing via email / twitter and G+ also works fine using Chrome on a PC. Its just when trying to share to Facebook option.

Could you take a look and test out why this is happening? A clash maybe? I can allow backend access if you need me to.

Many thanks.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @studio3creative,

    I see the following errors on the page.

    The "fb-root" div has not been created, auto-creating
    FB.init has already been called - this could indicate a problem

    Do you have any other plugins that use FB at all, as they could be including FB on the page already, this would mean that FB.init is initialized more than once, try disabling any other plugins that use FB, and see if it starts to work then.

    Have you tried asking the developer of the plugin? he would most likely know a lot more about his plugin than we would.

    Hope this helps

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