Issue with Snapshots - Some not working, not sure why

OK, Set up snapshot to take backups daily of each site in my network.

Assumed it was working.... BUT... Had a major issue today, (see here: so I'm checking to see what backups I have available, and it turns out that a couple of the sites are not backing up right. See screen shot.

Any help appreciated to make sure I have good backups of all of this.. a little freaked out right now until I am able to figure out how this previous issue happened, and confirm that nothing has been hacked.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Jay!

    Sorry to hear about your hacking issues, glad that's back under your control.

    Have you checked the destination folder you set up for the Nation-daily backups to see if there are files stored there? If so, can you create a test site on your network and try to restore a backup from the file in the destination folder? You can delete the test site after you've finished testing, but let's see if you've got a working backup of Nation, first.

    Everything else looks okay, the Nevada full backup is a lot larger than the other files, but I think that's b/c it's a full backup, right?

    Once you get word from your host that things are secure, absolutely take another Snapshot of Nation. In addition, just to be quadruply safe, let's take an old school backup as well. Login to your site via FTP and copy your entire site folder to your local machine. It will take a long time, so be patient. When it's finished, zip it up and put it somewhere safe. Next, log in to your hosting control panel and visit PHPMyAdmin to take a full backup of your database. It will also take a while, so be patient.

    Now, regardless of the status of any backup file you've got from Snapshot or any other backup tool, you've got an additional backup on hand. Restoring from a Snapshot is easier than from the site/database backup files, but the latter is a good failsafe.

    Hope this helps, Jay!

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