Issue with subsites NBT

Trying to create subsites via backend with Templates created via New Blog Template, and the new site settings isn't getting generated correctly as the template subsite. Please check the chat notes for more info, and the site info.

  • Huberson

    Hello Blitz Industries
    I've looked into this further and it appears that Elementor saves some of it's stylesheets under the uploads directory instead of the default theme's CSS folder. Since the blog template doesn't include the files, the styles under uploads folder are not copied over which seems to end up in the broken layout(and 404 for these css on wpthree sub-site).

    I slightly edited the 'WPMU TEST' blog template created by Nithin from chat to copy the files and created a new sub-site from it(wpmutestone). All the styling and images from the template are copied over to the new blog.

    To double check that everything working as expected, please go ahead and check the new blog(wpmutestone) against 'WPMU TEST' blog template(pdr-rod sub-site). You can also create new blog from the template or any of the other templates while making sure files are also checked to be copied.

    Do let us know if still not working properly and we'll further troubleshoot that.


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