Issue with the coupons

trying to add a coupon in Membership 2 -> Coupons, but the system doesn't let me. I fill in the info, press create and nothing happens

  • Cg

    All right, this bug is a MAJOR HASSLE for me, since I'm entering the launch phase of my e-shop and membership system....


    I've had a bad experience with the "feature" called 'mailchimp integration', which turned out to be non-exixtent... I've been ignored for the last week on that topic, I have no idea if a fix is even in the pipeline, I'm pretty unhappy about that.

    Now with the coupon systems....

    I was promised a functional system, now I'm screwed because of bugs....

    Will this issue remain ignored as well???


    ..............Did I say I was unhappy?

  • Cg

    is anybody reading this? does the boss knows about the broken features? does the boss knows how displeasing this is for a customer who RELIES on the promised functionality for making a reliable COMMERCIAL SYSTEM.....?

    Frontline support is great, then everybody seems to vanish when there's a bug, weeks go by without reply.

    If I go public and tell the world about that non-sense will I get someone's attention in your company who will fix it???

    now I'm getting annoyed... the mailchimp integration fiasco, then the faulty coupons....

    I want to see the cup half full, but I was promised a full cup, that's what i expect...

    I'm unhappy, annoyed, once I get pissed-off I'll publish reviews about the non-responsiveness of wpmu's when it comes to important bugs.....

    Etienne Bovo

  • Ari

    Hey Christian

    Really sorry for late here, actually we SLS team are working with pretty hard issues, and do it oldest to newest order, again I'm really sorry!

    About this issue, this is really unfortunate, this issue I couldn't replicate in my end, I tried in few of sites on different server. These are working just fine! So this issue seems specific only to your site. Our plugins are pretty stable, but there are hundreds of servers and thousands of functionality in a plugin, it is almost impossible to test every piece of code on every kind of server. and this problem is not only in MUDEV, it is in the fully IT industry. Again I'm sorry, please be patient!

    I'm looking in this issue, and hopefully I would give you a good feedback today or tomorrow depend on how hard to catch the issue.

    Thank you so much for your patient!

    Best Regards,

  • Cg

    ok, thanks for the reply, if you need to login my account let me know I'll be happy to let you see the problem first hand.

    I was re-reading my posts and I sound pretty negative, my apologies.

    Today the upfront builder is behaving, so this is like a heap of issues, I understand it must be demanding on your end too, but I need a functional system anyhow, that's what I'm 'paying for'....

    Thanks for your patience too
    Etienne Bovo

  • Ari

    Hey Christian

    Hope you are fine! after lot of debugging, I found a pretty subtle bug in our plugin, which is translation related. when you translate "Membership 2" to "Membership2" (without space) the issue is happening. So I made a quick fix by translate the "Membership 2" to "Membership 2" (with space) and uploaded the new translation files in the site wp-content/languages/plugins folder. I also attached the files here for future reference.

    I already pinged our plugin developer to fix this issue for future release. This temporary fix was working fine in my end, please have a look is that also working from your end.

    Thank you so much for reporting this bug.
    Have a great day!

    Warm Regards,

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