Issue with using Coursepress Pro and Woocommerce

I have renamed an existing course and want to be able to sell this course. On my home page I have added a link to the current course. (
When a user clicks the image they are taken to the course overview -
Then when they click the SIGN UP button they are taken to SIGN-UP pop-up box, to create their user account.

The problem is when they click the CREATE ACCOUNT button after a long delay the following message is displayed: This webpage has a redirect loop - this page is displayed on the Woocommerce Checkout page (

Here's what I've tried to fix the problem:
- Updated all plugins and Woocommerce templates.
- Deactivated all plugins (except for CoursePress Pro and Woocommerce themes
- Created a new course and added it as a new product.

None of the above three points rectified the problem.
I have created another product which is not CoursePress Pro related and I didn't have any issues, there's a link at the bottom of called 'Testing product'

Please note the User account is being created correctly - It just doesn't take the user to the Checkout to take payment.

I have granted access to the site.