Issue with WP Smush Pro

I ran the plugin on all the images in my media folder and still on every test platform I'm getting D's and F's for image compression and it's giving me long lists of all the images that aren't compressed. is the URL i'm testing on GTmetrics and if you look at the waterfall or open the compressed images on either testing platform its basically the same list of images that it says aren't compressed. Also the WP smush said it saved 44% and my load times have only increased by 1 second in some tests and no increase in most tests so I'm assuming the 1 second increase is a false positive. Which makes absolutly no sense to me. because if the plugin says all the images on the site have been compressed and saved 44% then there should definitely be some measurable results in both my compressed image scores on these tests as well as decreased load times. I need help with this can someone call me so we can run through this with a support tech and not drag this out with a bunch of emails as I'm trying to launch the site by friday due to a paid ad campaign that is going out that day. Thanks in advance for your help.