Issues and feature requests for Google maps

I noticed if you have more than one marker on a map and have it zoomed in on just one location, when the page loads it automatically shows the area of the last marker. Is there a way to change it to show the fist marker?

Also, I have some feature requests that I think would be very beneficial. If its an option and I'm just overlooking it Id love to know.

1. Print directions link. When you fill out the directions form, it would be great if there was a link to print, when clicked it would open a new window with the Google generated print page with the directions already inserted

2. Option to disable the directions option completely (I know you can disable this via CSS, but it would be nice to just check a box)

3. Option to have the directions link open a new tab via Google maps with directions through Google, not your site.

4. Add some kind of classes for the travel type buttons so they can be styled via CSS and not jQuery. I found that I could style them, except I couldn't create a different style for the buttons that were "on" since the image was changed via jQuery. If there is a way I overlooked let me know :slight_smile:

5. If you have multiple markers, add an option to change the order. Drag and drop would be preferred, but a number option would be sufficient.

6. If you have multiple markers, add and option to have each marker labeled with letters or numbers so they know which maker is associated with the markers listed below the map just by looking at it.

7. Add the option to create color schemes using the google maps API (I already mentioned this in another post, but I figure i'd just combine it here)