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I am using appointments plus and it is working ok I just have 2 issues and then a few extra queries regarding things that relate to the plugin too. So the 2 issues are...

1. It skips 2 months instead of going to the next one. I can't work out why, there is no holidays or exceptions scheduled so we don't know why it won't work properly.

2. The plugin as a whole is making the site incredibly slow. We know it's appointments plus as we have unintsalled it before and it was fine. Do you know why this is? or what we can do to speed up the site?

Relating questions.

3. Is it possible to customise the way it looks? Below are a few things we would like to know
a) The text that reads "OUR SCHEDULE FOR AUGUST 2014" Is tiny can we make it bigger?
b) Can the "make payment" box be blue and/or standout or be centred? (the blue we have on the site)
c) Payment confirmation button can it be moved to the centre and possibly in be made blue (the blue we have on the site)
d) Can the next and previous months be moved above the calendar?

Finally the bigger questions.

4. With the marketpress plugin, how does it work with the calendar? can you multiple select with tick boxes? or does it use a cart? We are looking to add a few additional services with our rooms such as tea/coffee ect but there is no way to do this at the moment. It needs to be simple enough for clients to understand too.

5) We want to offer the option for clients to sign up / login when booking rooms so they can see their bookings or re-book more easily. Like general e-commerce sites.

So basically we want people to be able to book the rooms like we have now but with more options and to remember clients - through login or alternative.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @matt-barker-2013,

    #1 Can I ask what shortcode you are using on the appointments page.

    #2 The plugin is very Javascript orientated, various factors can affect this, such as server resources and so on.

    Reducing the amount of widgets on the sidebars can also help, especially if those sidebars use lots of javascript too.

    You can try a plugin such as


    #3 Yes, you can use CSS to customize the way it looks, each element will have it's own CSS class or ID.

    Using a browser extension called firebug (in firefox) can help you to find the CSS and allow you to make adjustments in realtime on the screen, you can then copy those changes to your theme style.css

    some great tutorials on using firebug here.

    For the 'our schedule' text you can adjust the h3 tag size in CSS

    appointments-wrapper > h3 {
       font-size: 1.5em;

    for the confirm button, you can use

    .appointments-confirmation-button {
        background-color: blue;

    the confirm & pay button can be adjusted with:

    .app_submit_btn {
       background-color: blue;

    Unfortunately, moving the buttons to the top of the calendar will require editing the plugin template for that shortcode. you can find the html in the following file /appointments/includes/class_app_shortcodes.php

    This would be overwritten on every plugin update though.

    #4 The plugin just integrates to use the gateways, so it creates an appointment as a product item in marketpress, each appointment would be added as usual, but then you can add to the cart, then you choose another appointment & then add to cart.

    You can't add multiple appointments in 1 go, it just allows you to add multiple appointments to the cart & then checkout all in 1 go.

    #5, You can force users to login, then with the [app_my_appointments] shortcode on the appointments page, it will list all their appointments, but there is no rebooking functionality or anything, the appointments plugin was designed for one on one appointments and not as a room reservation plugin.

    Hope this helps

  • matt-barker-2013
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Vaughan,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    1) I have sorted/figured it out myself. Thanks though.

    2) Thanks. I'll look at the plugins and see if they make a difference.

    3) I forgot we had access to the CSS for this plugin. I have changed it all now.

    4) Thanks for the info. It helps a lot. We'll have a think about it.

    Basically thanks for the help I will let you know if anything else crops up.


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