Issues Connecting with WPMU Dev

I keep getting this error trying to log in to the Dashboard (which worked fine until a few days ago).

Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV: “HTTP Error: 403 “Forbidden””. Please try again.

If this problem continues, please contact your host with this error message and ask:

“Is php on my server properly configured to be able to contact with a GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL?”

As instructed, I sent the message to my host. They replied: Thank you for your inquiry. During my testing, I was able to use Curl via PHP to grab a site. This test was completed using a script placed in /html/mttest/ for site, but it should work fine for any (mt) WordPress Hosting site. I’ve changed the permissions on the mttest folder to 200 so it’s no longer web accessible, but you can see the script I used to test this, and the output file in that folder.

Please note that I also checked out your link and I’m currently seeing that it’s being served up blank, meaning, there is nothing to grab from it.

That made me curious, so I logged into my account via your website and found an update to the dashboard had been released. So I downloaded, deactivated, deleted and reinstalled the dashboard. Same error.

Don’t know what’s up. Need assistance please. :slight_smile: