issues customizing loop-taxonomy.php

I am trying to customize the loop that displays posts on the archive page but there is no css to target individual post elements (title, posted by, excerpt, etc) even though some of those elements are wrapped around css classes. It's strange. For example, In loop-taxonomy.php there is a css class for cf author and cf title but in the source code of the page in which that data is published that class is no where to be found! In fact, there is no css class whatsoever wrapping anything. Just all the post data (title, by author, excerpt, etc) all tangled up inside of a paragraph tag. See screenshots. Where or in what template file can I add css classes to customize the loop archive post data?

Also please don't ask me to test it on a wordpress theme like twenty fourteen because that is not the theme I am using. This plugin should work fine with a wordpress compatible theme like canvas.