Issues Exporting appointments from Appointments +

Hi there, I have a number of questions relating to the Exporting feature of Appointments + that I hope someone can explain.

1. If I have 10 confirmed appointments on the page and I click the checkbox next to say for example 3 of the 10 and then click export it still exports all 10 bookings? Why can I not export just 3 appointments if I have selected only 3?

2. This is related to point 1 really. If I have 7000 appointments then again even if I select 10 appointments to export it still exports all 7000 which of course creates a timeout on my site and crashes things - so basically getting point 1 above solved obviously solves this issue too!!

3. If I click the export button on the Active page it exports everything on the pending and completed page also!! likewise if I export on the pending page it exports everything again across all the different pages of Active Pending Completed. Obviosuly this again is not ideal and means that basically my export is very very confusing full of all the confirmed, pending and active appointments so again not very useful to anyone!!

4. This is probably the point that brings all 3 together. if you are charging for appointments you obviously for reporting reasons and accounting reasons need to export all confirmed appointments to check with payment records and of course with the export tool right now being pretty much useless this really cannot be done so the task of trying to match your appointment records with say you paypal records is just well - so time consuming its hardly worth it if you have alot of appointments each week.

5. Lastly and this is not a specific problem like the first 4 points but rather a feature request. Obviously enough after 6 months of using this plugin you will of course have built up a large amount of appointments (note my point 2 above) and of course you do not want to export everything everytime you click the export button. After 1 year it simply becomes not logical anymore and not functional as a very very large csv export will just time out of course. So with that in mind, can you please add a date filter to the export option. The simple idea would be to select a date range of say confirmed bookings and click the export button and then it would for example export a month of confirmed bookings into a csv.

I think the above points are simply crucial for anyone seriously using this plugin and all its features. I know you can spend hours and hours manipulating and filtering csv files (imagine an appointments system with 5 staff and 10 rooms who are fully booked all the time for say 1 year and you are trying to reconcile your accounts with appointments and then try filtering and messing with excel and you will get my idea here as to why the above is crucial) trust me I am doing it now!! :slight_frown:

So hopefully I can get some fixes for the above 4 points at least on this to make this potentially great plugin useable again.

Thanks for your time on this I appreciate it as this is very important to my business.