Issues w/ hosts since I started using Snapshot

I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but since I started running snapshot on my sites I had one host shut a site down for a day due to unusually high cpu usage which they thought something malicious was going on and now this morning two other sites on a different host are coming up 503 and I got a message from you guys saying they were blacklisted. My backups run on Thursday night and these recent host issues always seems to come up on Friday morning.....has anyone else had anything like this?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Josh,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Snapshot Pro plugin may eat up some resources, especially if its set to backup entire site (themes, plugins, files etc) and the site is complex/big. That's because it has to make copies of all the files and compress them and even if you store your backup files "outside" (e.g. Dropbox or GDrive) that process is performed locally.

    On some shared hosts this may eventually lead to the site hitting resource limits, though it's a rare case. As for why it happens on Firdays - I suppose that it's just that this is the day where scheduled server maintenance (automated) takes place so you got "auto messaged".

    That being said, if Snapshot is causing your server to reach CPU limits that would mean that either the site is extremely "big" or the server offers significantly low resources. In order to make it work better you could try to "split" your "main" snapshot into multiple snapshots: one for basic backup, one for files (or, if there's a lot of plugins and media files, split that one as well) and one for database. The "downside" would be that in case of a need to restore you would need to remember to restore all of them.

    You could also try to switch to Managed Backups instead that are hosted in our cloud, though in this case the "copy and compress" process is also performed on your server.

    I would also suggest getting in touch with your host and asking them about what are the "hard limits" and if they could precisely identify processes of your site that are hitting those limits. By processes I don't mean the Snapshot plugin but underlying tasks (they should be able to point to those if they have proper logs). Knowing this could help us find a better solution.

    As for the blacklisted site. That's a separate issue and is not related to Snapshot Pro so please start a separate thread about it. You can start a thread here:

    Best regards,

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