Issues with Directory and Classifieds Plugin

Hello, I am running into issues when I try to setup directory and classifieds. I have set them up both on two different instances and keep getting strange behavior. I have also switched themes to default and same thing happens.

When a visitor goes to ../listings/add-listing they are redirected back to the the listings page. And when they go to signup, they are redirected back to the signin page. If I go to, I am redirected to a url that looks like this:

So it is asking the user to login even though they have never signed up. That is just an example, though, as I will not be using Direcotry to register, I will be using Membership. But just wanted to show since the default signup/signin of Directory seems to be off..

I am also using Membership if that helps with narrowing anything down. But I have it disabled. I have registration also set to free on Directory. I am also on Wordpress 3.6 and using the most current versions of all plugins.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile: