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Hi there,

I have a multisite setup with two sites...

I now have another domain of that I have set to my nameservers and parked in my joeybull cpanel. (I have a reseller hosting account so presume my IP address is dedicated - though I am unsure about the terminology. To me, dedicated means it's for me only and static means it's unchanging. According to the tutorial, dedicated=unchanging?? Anyway, I'm used to viewing websites on the server via IP address before people point their domains at my server.)

I've used the plugin to map on to

It sort of works, but users of both sites such as admin have to log in on both sites which was not the case before. Any ideas why this may be? If I log in on one site I can see the dashboard for both, but I can't then view the second site without logging in to it.

I have deleted all cookies and reset browser.

Incidentally - I have a holding page plugin ('Coming Soon') active at the moment, but I still have the same problem when I deactivate it.


PS By the way, the tutorial below referred to a lot in by staff in forums says to install in mu-plugins, but the 'usage' page says just plugins. You may want to update the tutorial...

  • andy_paterson
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    " If I log in on one site I can see the dashboard for both, but I can't then view the second site without logging in to it."
    Sorry, this was referring to my holding page. It should really have read more like... If I deactivate that then if I log in on one site I can see the dashboard for both, but if I go to the second site it doesn't think I'm logged in.

  • Paul Barthmaier
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    Hi Andy,

    You are correct about the MU-plugins folder, and the habit is to always check the Usage page for instructions. On there you will find this where it explains how you shouldn't be using MU for domain mapping any longer. The reason why I like to share that tutorial is because it also has a video with it. Text and video helps with more types of learners than just the written word.

    As for your question, I believe the issue you are having is cookie syncing. Something must be preventing the two from linking. My instinct tells me that it's likely that you don't have a dedicated IP, but I'm not fully sure. If you have shared hosting, before you get to your mapped site, the dns request may land on a site at your host that is not related to your site, and then you have a mismatch, so the cookies can't sync.

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.


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  • aecnu
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    Greetings andy_paterson,

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