Issues with Domain mapping.

I am having domain mapping issue on multiple multisite subdomains.
Sub-domain: has subsites that have been mapped.
so sub-site 1: mapped to, but when I try to access the newly mapped site it takes me to

More details in the chat.

  • Ash

    Hi there

    How did you set the multisite up? Did you use nameserver or dedicated IP?

    If nameserver, then you must the domain as addon or parked domain, I believe you did so. But when you added, then you pointed to directory, rather you need to point to directory. That being said, the document root of and should be exactly same.

    Other hand, if you used dedicated IP, then the IP must point to site, that means when you enter the IP in the browser, then site should be loaded.

    Please let me know about this.

    Have a nice day!


  • nusolutions

    This is a VPS server with an IP of In cPanel I have multiple domains. This one domain, has multiple sub-domains that are separate WP installs configured to allow multisites. So: is a separate WP install & db configured to allow multisites. A user can register for a membership to create 4 websites. So say a user creates sub-site:
    This site is accessible for the user. Now if the user tries to map this sub-site to its own domain: using your Domain Mapping plugin they get the following error:

    Domain name is unavailable to access.

    In GoDaddy the domain IP has been configured to point to the server and has its nameservers. So

    In this case the name servers point to ns1 &
    In cPanel this domain appears as under Parked and as an Alias. Although I can add a new alias, I don't see the ability to change the document root to
    If I go into Add on Domains I can do the following:

    New Domain Name:
    Document Root: ???

    I thought that since I'm creating the sub-site within the sub-domain, it would point to this document root. So I guess I'm trying to see what is the document root for this sub-domain?

  • nusolutions

    If I remove the Alias for and create the following Add on Domain:

    New Domain Name:
    Document Root:

    I get:
    (XID u6gjdw) The domain “” does not exist in the userdata for the user “

    If I go:

    New Domain Name:
    Subdomain: djohnsontwins
    Document Root:

    The Add on Domain gets created. When I log in as the user and try to map the domain using the WPMUDEV Domain Mapping plugin I get the same error:

    Domain name is unavailable to access.

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