Issues with Footer Widgets – Category Display

I have two problems with this theme that I hope somebody can shed some light on.

1) The theme allows you to ‘easily’ configure three footer boxes. Using the custom homepage designer within the admin allows you to set these variables.

One option is to have posts automatically populate from specific blog categories. Only my blog categories that are being fed by AutoBlog work. If I attempt to populate categories that are being fed by AutoBlog, there are no issues. If I try and add a category that has posts, but isn’t being fed, it doesn’t work. In fact, it won’t even save. When I choose a category and hit save, it simply reverts to ‘Choose Category.’

Any idea why this isn’t working and how to fix it?

2) I need to change the category view (archives) to FULL POST CONTENT. I have found a variety of tutorials on this, but they all reference files that are not found in this theme. I’m sure this is a quick .php edit, but I have no idea what file contains these values, for this theme. Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.