Issues with installing plugin on WP 3.6

I’m having issues with the Multi-DB plugin on a fresh install of WP 3.6. The directions aren’t as clear as they could be.


“You should now see loads of tables where there used to be only one or two.”

What?: We just created Databases (16) in my case.


“One final step is to make sure you have assigned a username and password to be associated with each database. This could be the same as your username and password for the original WordPress database. It’s up to you, just make sure that there IS a username and password associated with each one and note what it is.”

What?: If you don’t make them ALL the same, the move-blogs.php file won’t run as it only accepts 1 username/password.


“3. Line 25: Provide the same name you assigned for your global database in Step 2. example ‘dbname_global’”

What?: Line 25 is for “Usage: add_global_table(TABLE_NAME)”. There we no directions to add any table anywhere (we added Databases). Also the Image of db-config file several lines down has line 25 commented out.


“Upload both the db.php and db-config.php files to your wp-content directory.”

What?: Why aren’t these in a folder under wp-content/plugins/<folder name>?


“Let’s upload move-blogs.php first.”

What?: We just uploaded 2 files to the wp-content directory. How does this file get uploaded first?

I ran into much of the same issues Jason did in his post ( Link isn’t working for me.

I added 16 numbered and global Databases. Of these 17 new databases, only the global has any tables in it.

I attached a directory and file structure and the installed plugins from WP Admin.

So, I can’t tell that this is working. The plugin doesn’t show up to activate. The dbname_0 through dbname_f all are empty databases.

What are your thoughts to get this working?



  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    Multi-DB is probably the most complex plugin WPMU DEV offers, at least when it comes to initial set up and configuration. I would highly recommend preparing your installation and then making a clean copy/backup, so that you can experiment and get familiar with the plugin and the set up before attempting to go live with it. That being said, I can provide answers to some of your questions.

    You can assign different usernames and passwords to the different databases, but you will also need one user with access to all of them for the initial set up, at least.

    The location of the db.php and db-config.php files is fairly standard for more complex plugins. Not all plugins wind up going in the /plugins/ folder, particularly when they change core WordPress functionality (e.g., how things are stored in the database(s)).

    Since it’s a sixteen-database set up, you might be able to get the staff here to do the initial install for you. If not, I would highly recommend hiring someone familiar with the process for the two or three hours it’ll take to get things up and running.

  • awmax99
    • New Recruit

    For such a complex plugin, the directions should be updated to make them more accurate.

    Is it OK for there to be NO plugin displayed in wp-admin? (we never uploaded any files to the plugin directory.)

    Of the 17 new databases, only the global has new tables in it. Is this correct on a fresh install?

    I added a new site to my network after Multi-DB and the site was created in the “c” database so it seems that its working ok. The new site loads and displays as expected.

    – Al

  • Ez
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I given up on this plugin after two months of struggle and its not the only comments about the plugin installation instructions that is not clear. Searching through the previous comments I came across of several people with the same complaints.

    I also found some differences between the install notes and the developers notes in the actual files. Read the comments above the place where they ask you to edit in the file. You will most of the time find more help with these notes.

    Here some of my previous discussions. Hope it helps.

  • awmax99
    • New Recruit

    I think its working despite the instructions.

    I did find that on the Plugins page there is a “Drop-ins” link that does show a “Plugin” db.php Multi-DB

    New sites are showing up in one of the 0 through f databases and they display properly in the browsers. My main site is in the global database.

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