Issues with managed backups

Last night I contacted support that my website could not complete a managed backup and for some reason hadn't been backed up at all for almost a month. The tech support person I chatted with suggested that I make changes to my wp-config.php file. I told her that I was not comfortable doing so and that I would ask my host to make the changes. Once my hosting company made the changes per my instructions, my website essentially broke. I could not create or edit posts or pages. I couldn't even install a plugin to at least put my website in maintenance mode. I contacted my host again and they reverted my wp-config file so at least now my website is in working order but it still is unable to complete a managed backup.

This is the error message I receive when attempting a backup: Aw shucks, something went wrong :slight_frown: Instead of the beautiful response we expected, we got this:

<empty response>