Issues with MU 1.2.5

1. I have the template activated on a parent site, and then again on a sub-site. I've deactivated ALL plugins, except BuddyPress, from the main site. I have three tabs opened in my firefox browser with one pointing to the main site, one to the subsite, and one to the wp-admin login. Once I log in to the main site I'm OK yet the moment I attempt to navigate to the subsite I'm logged out. This occurs regardless of which browser I use.

2. I can't get the Posts to appear on the subsite. I want the service boxes disabled and only posts to appear on the front page of this subsite. I have a group created on the main site that links to this blog (subsite). I create a new post on this blog (subsite) but can't see it or the default Hello World post. I create a new page, set it as the place for new post in the Reading option and it still doesn't display the posts. From the main site I can see that the post was created and if I choose another theme I can see the posts.

3. This theme doesn't play well with a lot of plugins. For instance it seems that if I have both the group blog and the Blog And User Creator plugin enabled none of the theme options work. These are just two that I can think of. I'm sure there are conflicts with other plugins I simply don't have the time to enable / disable each one to confirm. Most of the threads point to this being a possible jquery conflict. If this is the case I guess I'm forced to decide on which plugin(s) to keep / discard.

I'd hate to dump the theme because it works for this project so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.