Issues with performance

Hi, I just posted any message to any forum dut now I don't see it, I'm very confused with thee area where I do write ..... LOL

Anyway, I'm having issues with this site (our main site):

1.- I see a PERMANENT PHP process inside the cPanel server (CloudLinux + Litespeed) that takes 5% of CPU minimum ALL THE TIME, see here --> Looks like there's somebody trying to hack admin password. I installed your defender plugin and locked 3 or 4 IPs and checking access log I see it all normal. What can this be ?

2.- Suddenly, we see this load speed issue (we were getting about 1.5 secs to load main page). System neeeds almost 2.5 secs to start responding. I'm sure this must be a plugin ... or not ? see -->!/5OAfl/