Issues with posting a shortlink from a page or post to Facebook

I am not using the domain mapping plugin at this time, though I will in the future when I get the dedicated IP.

I tried to post a shortlink generated from the post editor page to Facebook. What happened is that Facebook pulled in not the actual post from this subdomain subsite, but the template information (URL) from the New Blog templates plugin. I thought about using another shortcode link plugin in the meantime. Do you know any that will work?

I think it works okay if I use the full permalink, but not the shortlink. I am not using the Jetpack shortlink module.

My question is: when I eventually start mapping the user sites with the Domain Mapping plugin, will the shortcode that is generated on the page editor work correctly when posting to Facebook (and other social media)?

In the meantime, is there any other work-around solution before using the domain mapping plugin?

Thanks, Joe.