Issues with sign up process

I am having issues with testing the forms through the sign up process. I have chosen to use the following under Options > Membership pages.

Original form (since pop up seems to not work in my theme)
For registration completed, Welcome
Protected Content (as default)

My issue is this, the membership is free for now. So I have a visitor view and a free premium level once joined.

So they sign up, register and then rather than being passed through to the welcome page, they are passed through automatically to a page that still is a Register page:

"Sign up for Premium Free
You currently have a subscription for the Premium Free subscription. If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below. "

Have a coupon code? Space for code - button for applying coupon

No action button to bypass.

this is very confusing. I would rather have it bypass this page since I do not have coupons activated anywhere so don't want to use them and bring them right to the welcome page. This is indicated in the set up but doesn't happen.

How can this be fixed?

The other question I have is how to add the sign up to the site. Do I need to explore that with my own hard coding or another plug in? Or is there another option with this plug in to have a sign up/log in button or link?

  • jenclas

    this issue has been solved for the most part.There is an extra step that seems to happen during registration that wasn't working. I think there was a conflict in my theme with a plug in or perhaps it was due to Settings > General : "anyone can register" needs to be toggled off.

    I didn't realize the user conflict but heard it in a tutorial video by Mark - this was great work and helpful. Its on the 4 or 5th video.

    I am not 100% sure if that was the issue or not since I had to do some plug in configuring on one or two other items. Regardless, that extra step is working now.

    I am still sitting with something not quite ideal but functional - so if you have any comments on how I can resolve it, that would be great. I know this plug in was not built around free sites so I can understand why the feature is here. The process now flows like this:

    >They click the sign up button
    >go to a form page and enter details and click a button that says "register my account".
    >Next they are taken to a page that is still part of the registration process where they confirm the details of the free account before clicking a button to "subscribe".
    >Then finally (YAY) landing on the Welcome page.

    I completely get the reason for this in a paid environment. Yet, I would love to bypass this confirmation step if possible or edit it so its not as confusing. Perhaps having the button on the registration form page itself confirm the membership and pass to the welcome page?

    I have attached a few pictures of what it looks like in my theme. Now I have since changed the registration page to full view so the scrolling disappears but still find that spacing unnecessarily too long and noticed its a form table. If it can't be helped, then so be it.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @jenclas

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I'm very glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

    Yes, that final confirmation step is there for paid levels. And it's mighty handy for those who have both paid and free levels.

    But I can understand why it may be preferable to skip it on a site that offers exclusively free membership.

    The best way to get that idea noticed and voted upon by the community for possible future inclusion in the plugin is to create a new topic suggesting it in the Features & Feedback forum.

    I'm going to go ahead and mark this thread as resolved for now (to get it out of our active ticket queue). But if you still need more help on this, simply re-open the thread by ticking the Mark as Not Resolved (re-open) box below.

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