Issues with Simple:press & wpmudev plugins in the dashboard

I have WPMU plugins installed in my wordpress site, as well as Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress – I noticed that there are glitches on the left side menus, icons are appearing where they shouldn't be, and if I hide the menu I can't make it reappear because there's an icon covering the command. See the attached screenshot.

I have numerous plugins in my site, and I have tested this extensively, it's happening only with WPMU DEV plugins and Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress. There seems to be some sort of conflict going on causing this perhaps?

I searched the forums and didn't really see anything on this, which is surprising. I know it's a minor aesthetic issue, but my site contributors, who will have access to the back end of the site, will see this, and I don't want to make a bad impression, ya know?

If anyone knows how to fix this (really hoping it's just a line of code), please let me know. Thank you.