Issues with Social Sharing Toolkit


I’ve already posted about it at the plugin’s forums, but from my previous experiences with this sort of thing, I’m not expecting to get an answer from the dev. Here are the questions I’ve posted there:

1)It’s said in the description that you offer VKontacte, but I don’t see an option to have its button displayed like the rest, even though this social network is in that list that’s displayed when the user clicks the Share and then More buttons. Any way to have VKontacte’s button there like the rest?

2)Is there a way to fully align the counters and display all of them with the exact same size? If you access the page below, you’ll see that Pinterest’s counter is far smaller than the others, and also that the bottom line of Twitter’s counter is slightly lower than the bottom line of Facebook’s counter.

3)Sometimes that “Share” button that’s displayed by last doesn’t show the other social networks when passing the mouse over it, in a way that users have to click on it and get redirected to another page displaying those social networks. It seems to be happening randomly though. Any way to fix this?

4)The plugin is also breaking another plugin, Ultimate Auction Pro. I’ve contacted Ultimate Auction’s dev on this, here’s what he said:

Another issue I’ve just detected: when I display those social buttons at Auction Pro pages, the tabs, like description, shipping, etc., stop working for non logged in users and also for super-admin (you can use them normally when logged in with that test account I’ve sent you the credentials for though). You can reproduce this issue by marking the “Page” box at that social buttons plugin settings, here:

Response – I noticed that different tabs in dedicated auction page were not clickable and found that there is a plugin installed called Social Sharing Toolkit which is giving JS errors inside console. When this plugin is deactivated then shipping and tabs work fine. Hence this plugin is the culprit. I also noticed via JS errors that you might have shifted your site from http to https and all links on your site were not shifted from http to https and that is why Social Sharing Toolkit plugin is throwing JS errors. I would recommend you to solve those JS errors and then use Social Sharing Toolkit plugin or else use all together different plugin for social sharing.

How do I fix this?

You can access the plugin’s settings here:

You’ll see there’s a custom CSS tab there, the last one, which might help here.