Issues with Styling of Q&A and a few other things

I have some display issues with this plugin. i just downloaded the update but that did not fix it.

In firefox, it looks almost ok, but the right side of the box is cut off… I played around with the various settings…and nothing seems to change. theme is 990 pixels wide. Mingle theme.

In Chrome the submit button is at the top.. the category selection is also not styled.

Also can the search button be the same as the theme button? looks off. see screen shots.

Also, I do not see an option for a user to be notified via email (like in your QA tool I am using). I do not see that as an option anywhere.

Is there a way to add images like your tool, or is the user just supposed to use the wp add media?

Finally, once I submit a question, the Your Answer shows below it. Should it work like that?