Issues with syncing RSS feed to WP Job Manager inputs

As per my email as follows

Thx - I have purchased based on what you have said above.

However, I am having a few issues.

Only one of five rss feeds I have Auto blogged pulls in a picture. I have tried a few things with the settings, but I can't fix it. It must be the way my theme pulls in images because all the RSS readers can pull in pictures. (see screen shot)

Also, only one of the blogs aligns the blog with the desired category. I'm not sure it's connecting with the WP Job Manager. (see same screen shot)

The other thing is, I can't make a out link show up to take to you the original blog from the job posting. It's imperative that the reader be able to link to the original blog posting. (see screen shot)

I have oen video blog however it pulls in the link to the txt post area and not the video area, thus leaving it a deadlink and not embedded.

I understand that the Autoblog cannot pull in the location, so I am ok with that.

You may need to be explicit in the further questions you need. Or I am more than happy to Skype - please let me know.