Bug Report – Ultimate Branding Email Templates module is missing the subsite override option

from the UB Email Templates module desc:

“In Multisite templates can be set network wide or can be allowed to set site wise template, if template override for the site is enabled and template is not specified for a site, network template will be used.”

Yet, at network/admin.php?page=branding&tab=htmlemail

there is no checkbox displayed as expected, similar to what is shown in this pic


I addressed this in a chat with WPMUDEV Staff Abdul Wajed, who said:

Ok, I am able to replicate the same and I can see it is a bug and It has been reported to developers already and hopes it will be fixed in next release. https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/html-email-templates-module-ultimate-branding

…and I basically was like: ok, but lets make a new thread, bcs that bug report was made 12 months ago and my issue is not the same (bcs I don’t even see the checkbox)… and so here we are :slight_smile:

Cheers, Max

[and then we also talked about an unrelated issue w/ same module and mixed content issues: will make seperate ticket for that issue]