Issues with WooCommerce welcome page and rewrite rules


My client is experiencing some strange problems with her website.

The issue at hand is:

When we activate WooCommerce, we are redirected to the WooCommerce website page ../wp-admin/index.php?page=wc-about .

However, every time we click on a any other links ( for example posts ) it just redirects back to the WooCommerce welcome page.

Now, this issue is only happening on the main site ( this is a multisite setup ). On the other website installs on the network, the problem does not occur.

If, I disable WooCommece the issue is gone.

Now, I have installed Rewrite Rule Inspector. Every time I disable WooCommerce and check the rewrite rules, there is a ton of errors. So I flush them and everything work.

But, when I install WooCommerce again, guess what? The issue is back. If I disable WooCommerce again, and then click the rewrite rule, the rewrite rule issues is back again.

Very strange, and I can't seems to find the solution althrought it seems like it is a rewrite rule problem ( please note, I can't flush the rewrite rules when WooCommerce is installed since I am locked on the welcome page ).

I have grated you access to the website in the back end if you want to take a peek.